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Re-design and re-brand of ephotolab.com 

Home Page

ePhotoLab wanted a very corporate and easy-to-navigate design to effectively compete with the large companies in their market. Their design had to illustrate a great deal of user-focused functionality and indicate that they are a force to be reckoned with.

Welcome Page

We designed a very crisp and clean site encompassing a corporate appeal. The site is very easy on the eyes and easy to browse.

Get Started Page

The result is a very clean and corporate-looking website that is particularly easy for surfers to use as their online photo storage and sharing site.

Share Photos Page

Featured Project

Ilovepools.com An e-Commerce web site for Pool supply sales powered by enCommerce 3.0 fully designed and integrated by our team.

Why Envisionext

Since 1998, Envisionext has been serving customers in a broad range of industries, including entertainment, manufacturing, health care, non-profit, furnishings, and trade shows. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a service quote or with proposals outside of our normal services that would be mutually beneficial to both parties.


Featured Product

Envisionext, Inc. is a privately-held global enterprise focused on establishing leadership in the online industries via the use of its highly qualified staff and the latest technologies. Envisionext offers a wide spectrum of products and services that include commercial design, website design and development, website hosting, business strategy solutions, online marketing and branding, content management, affiliate programs, and others.